Cleaning lawn mowers safely is tough. Especially underneath riding lawn mowers

So a tool that safely and easily removes grass from under lawn tractors AND wins the Seal Of Approval from National Home Gardening Club magazine should get your attention

Cleaning lawn mowers safely, especially riders and tractors, is a tough job. I used to work for a landscape maintenance company and we had to crawl under the mowers every evening and chop all the grass out from under the mower deck (the housing that contains your spinning blades) with a big putty knife.

    What a fantastic idea to clean the undercarriage of my mower, and yetso simple and easy to use. I was amazed at the excellent job it did!

Eloise Kirby Strongsville, Ohio

Why is it important to prevent grass buildup from under your mower

It was dirty, nasty work. But it was important because we knew that grass buildup under the mower deck would hurt grass cutting performance. Even with new, sharp blades, the mower simply wouldnt do a good job.

92% approval from member testers

If youve heard of National Home Gardening Club Magazine, youre probably familiar with their member-testers program. Any product submitted must receive a 65% positive rating to display the Seal of Approval.

You can see that seal on this page because out of 250 testers,our Empire Washer got a 92% approval rating

    I used this product on both of my lawn tractors and when I dropped the

    deck to sharpen blades, the decks were clean no scraping, Yey!!!

Michael Meador Mount Carroll, IL

    I could not believe how easy the washer was to use. It did a great job

    even after having mowed a couple times and not cleaning the mower off.

Agnes Mans Campbellsport, Wisconsin

    Excellent for those that like to keep their mowing machine looking and

    operating like new. Works like the directions say it does. Does a good

    job of cleaning mower deck if used after each mowing

Ron Long Pensacola, Florida

If you want to learn more about the Empire Lawnmower Washer, visit these pages

So is it worth twenty dollars to keep your mower cutting like new?

We think so. In fact, were so sure of it, we have a guarantee. If you buy the Empire Washer and dont like it or dont think it does the job, just send it back. Well send you a check for the cost of the product and the shipping.

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